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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Down in Texas

Hi to all my friends and family from "yee-haw" Texas!
So far we have kept pretty busy with family especially helping with Grson A's friend B-day party which was a Monkey theme.

DD and I used her Cricut and my new Life's A Beach to create palm trees and leaves for a vine, then the New Arrival cart to create many monkeys from cereal box cardboard doing our version of "being green" LOL (the fact that they were free chipboard was the main plus).

I will post pics later if I can get some from the camera but the kids all had a wonderful time playing on the toys then having lunch and monkey cupcakes which dd allowed me to decorate. Good thing she had found a great image from Google so we could just copy the idea...I am good at that! LOL

Yesterday we went on the hunt for a screen room/tent that she could put on her porch so that she and baby A could spend time out there keeping him safe from falling off the porch and also safe from mosquitoes too but so far no luck on one that will fit. We will keep on looking for something that will work and hopefully find the perfect thing.

I have been trying to do some hand piecing on a quilt project that I had great intentions for until I discovered I printed and cut the "wrong" diamonds for a six pointed star but printed diamonds for a Lemoyne star...OK I am not sure where my head was but maybe I can plead getting ready for a trip? sooooo
Now I have all these great stars cut out but NO squares or triangles to complete the blocks except....it is a free program and I hope to get dd to allow me to download the files to her computer and print them right here as soon as I buy some freezer paper.
For some reason I had the feeling I was going to need some background fabric so it got packed! Miracle of miracles!

So tomorrow I need to go to Walmart and get the freezer paper and get those parts printed and cut so I can finish the blocks. I have also learned I need to improve my hand piecing skills. I am mostly self taught and could use some improvement but that is why I started this project (well at least partly along with hopefully getting some Christmas gifts started )

Hope everyone is enjoying spring as we are experiencing humidity and nice warm weather so far! And that is better than snow any day!

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Catherine said...

Okay -- so now I understand why you were asking aobut the half hexagon shape for stars. The squares and triangles in the free LeMoyne Star collection make perfect little blocks of those stars -- and they become way too addictive to make! :-)
Hope you have good weather while you're there. It sounded like there were some enormous storms somewhere in Texas.