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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Civil War Love Letter Blocks March Finished!

I never could find the right "mojo" to work on much of anything quilty but since next week is our monthly get together I figured I had better get these finished. Had plans to work on them Wed. but DS D needed me to watch grson I (really hard duty LOL) and pick up two of the other three from school so those plans kind of got put on the back burner so to speak. I did finish the top row by bedtime last night and when I got up started working on the remaining until they were done and here they all are.

The nice thing about this quilt is that you really can choose to take it in any direction you want...I have heard of quilters doing a patriotic red white and blue, one of my friends is going mostly muted browns and colors in that direction. Another of our group is trying to follow the colors and fabrics from the book. There is no right and wrong and I like that! For me...I am just choosing what I like together. AS you can see it can go from the garish to the very subtle. My only avoidance is using solids most particularly white and even though some of the fabrics look solid they are patterned.

This time I can't pick a favorite...I really like them all for different reasons. I love the red gold and black in the lower left but also one of my all time favorite color combos is pink and green...ask my Dad about that! LOL the "t" block turned our much different than I thought and I love that madder red and turquoise combo. and on and on.

I am glad they are done and yes I know that red, gold and black one has a "problem sashing" and it will be fixed later.
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Nedra said...

Sometimes it's hard to know which hobby to focus on for that particular day. Looks like you are having fun with both.