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Monday, April 20, 2009

My Newest Quilting Adventure (Update)

How many of you were like me and said I will never hand piece a quilt! WAY too much effort needed!
I have been whole hog into the world of rotary cutters and rulers and quick and easy just like most quilters but....
One day I was blog hopping and ran upon a lady who seemed to be hand piecing everything and bragging on how easy it was( Cathi's blog) with this new method called Inklingo by Linda Franz.

Ok yeah right I thought...but I have to admit was was intrigued enough to do some research and since it was close to a gift occasion I asked DH to get me one of her "collections" and of course he was grateful for the suggestion LOL

Now that CD arrived in the mail eons ago and has been sitting patiently waiting for me to "get the bug" and try it out. Since I have been on the "no more new until I have made a dent in the old" I didn't imagine I would be trying it soon until I realized I was going to be away from my sewing machine for 3 whole weeks and I had only stitchery projects to bring along and I know I would get tired of those LOL. So I took the plunge and uploaded Linda's free Lemoyne Star shapes and opened that CD to see what I might be able to get ready in a hurry.

I decided on a project which will have to remain a "secret" for a while but I can show you what I did Sunday after church. I pulled out some hand dyes my friend and I did a few years ago and then I have a lovely piece of Fossil Fern that I think will make a good background. Inklingo is a unique way of creating the pieces you need by printing on your fabric with an ordinary printer so that you can cut them apart and you have bunches of shapes ready for stitching with no tracing of templates.

Check out Linda's site and download the free Lemoyne Star and maybe you will find a new quilt technique you love!
Here you see my fabrics cut (mostly) ready to stitch
The opening page of my binder downloaded from Linda's site
The printed fabric close up ready to cut into my pieces for the project. This is the Fossil Fern I am using.

OH yeah there is a Yahoogroup for Inklingo you can join for help and encouragement too!

Update: All the background is cut and I am ready to piece...on the plane or in the airport LOL...However I need to figure how to cut the half hexagons to help set the pieces...
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Nedra said...

I had never heard of Inklingo before this post, so thank you for sharing. When I taught a GFG at Bryce, Nanette had hexagons she said were printed on her inkjet, and I'm guessing it was this method.
I'm not ready yet to hand quilt a quilt, but maybe someday, so I'll keep this in mind.

Catherine said...

Isn't it amazing? I figured once you started, you'd love it! The fabrics you've printed and cut so far look wonderful!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm an inklingo lover. Cathi (Catherine) turned me on to it.