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Friday, August 3, 2012

August Garden

As you can see the garden is coming into the best time of the year for the veggies.
Above Mr Creative shows off his birthday present from DD B and her family.
He is really enjoying the garden seat to pick the beans and pulling weeds.  He wanted to show his grsons A and T that it makes a great "pillow" when he gets tired from bean picking 

Abover you can see l to r
cherry tomatoes in a pot, volunter tomatillos
summer greens and sunflowers

Last of all in our three sisters garden the first mini-pumpkin has ripened a bit early!  It's a bit small even for that variety of pumpkin but it's great to see them do well.  Along with the pumpkins we have started harvesting spaghetti squash and ate the first one last night along with beans and more summer and zuchinni squash.
Still waiting for the rest of the tomatoes but hopefully we will be seeing them sooner rather than later.
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B+B said...

So fun! We are happy to see that papa is enjoying his birthday gift. Glad that it is useful too! Those veggies look really good! wish we were closer to share with the harvest!