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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Civil War Rose Dream UPDATE

I meant to take pictures before I started this project but forgot however I thought I would share any way.
I volunteered to teach a lesson on curved piecing to New Friends Quilt Circle so I decided to do a practice quilt so that I have something to show them ahead of time.
Above you see my "hand piecing tin" where I have stored the pieces for this project and also the next feathered star. The part I needed to practice was machine piecing the curves as I actually prefer to hand piece stuff like that and with Inklingo that prints all my lines and matching marks it is so easy. This group doesn't accept hand piecing very well so machine it will be.
You can see a stack of blocks that I have used the machine to do the petal and backgrounds but after debating I will be adding the small squares by hand. There are two tiny seams to stitch and it would take me longer to get it all set up at the machine so hand it is.

Here are 12 blocks on my design wall just waiting for the others to join them.
I am not much for blue and brown but I had plenty of them in my stash of Civil War prints so I decided to use that color scheme. I am loving how they look so far and can't wait to get them all together.
Hanging my head in shame as I had planned to have this top finished and sewing together by Saturday night but...I played hooky to attend the US Dancesport Championship which is at nearby BYU. First of all I was good and packed my piecing thinking to finish up a couple more blocks by hand but....forgot my dang magnifying glasses and because the light was so poor I gave up after half a seam. Second of all I just couldn't get myself to start today.
However I did cut the pieces for the next Harry Potter block which is a doozy! LOL
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Emily Breclaw said...

Love the colors, Cathie! Can't wait to see the whole top!!!

Anonymous said...

Cathie, I think your blocks look wonderful! I hope to get going on trying some curved seams, but not until the Insanity is finished. I look forward to seeing your finished piece. I'm sure the ladies your going to teach will be amazed at how easy it is.