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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Actually Did it! (edited with picture)

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This is a slide show of a whole month of scrapbook pages one each day. Good thing it was only 29 days LOL
I joined the LOAD (layout a day) group and payed my $30 for a month's worth of encouragements and prompts by creating at least one scrapbook page each day. Some days it was easy and some not so much...I only missed one day and made it up the next day. I got a lot done but of course I still have plenty to do in the future.
I think I learned that I can create pages a bit quicker than I usually do and they turn out very well. I didn't buy anything other than I had to print 2 extra pictures so that I could do the Mustang page.
The next LOAD is scheduled for May but so far my May is looking pretty busy so I will have to see if I can join in with the group.
Hope you enjoy seeing what I got done in February.
Below is everything stacked up together! I think I might have missed a few pages in the slide show...Oh, well!


PaulaJ said...

Great job! Doesn't it feel wonderful to get that many pages done?

B+B said...

Way to go! Someday I will get to do that right? LOL I love all those pages though! Maybe I should start sending my pictures for you to do! J/K