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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's Make Ornaments

We had our family pictures done yesterday and since we had all the family who lives near by together Mr Creative and I decided it would be a nice time to have a family evening. We stopped by Costco on the way home and bought two pizzas, since they are huge we figured it would feed the crowd and except for 2 pieces it was devoured LOL
As usual Nana...that's me...had a craft in mind for the kids to do.
These great ornaments were shared on the Christmas With the Cricut blog a bit ago and I thought they would be perfect for the kids to make. Easy and they looked so impressive when done. I pre-cut the initials with my cricut from vinyl using the Storybook cart and the letters were a bit tricky to not get a bit wrinkled but the kids were OK about it in the end. I demonstrated with I's ball since he was more interested in playing with the Thomas Trains and the "guy" stuff in the other room LOL
AS you can see they turned out great and the kids enjoyed making them. We created a nice glitter mess but most of it was made by Nana as I opened the containers and the glitter just flew around. I think my jeans and top now have a lovely sparkle. I even let them choose from my new box of Christmas ribbon for their hangers...see I am using what I bought!
Here are our great ornaments, the kids and I!
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Nedra said...

You are such a fun Grandma!


Cathie!! Those turned out so adorable!!! What a great idea! p.s. cute pic with the kiddos!

B+B said...

Very cute! I love those! I will have to try to make them some time. I am glad you all had fun. Can't wait until it is our turn to be with Nana and Papa.