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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the Internal Memory

Somehow these photos were stuck in the built in memory of my camera, unknown to me. LOL

A top made by friend P of fabric given to her 5 years ago after her house fire. She said she started with the small stars but decided there were too many pieces to do a complete quilt so she made the larger ones and used the fun border type print to finish the top. She promises to have it finished by next July 4th.
Another quilt friend I shows her almost completed Make and Take project from June. Still needs to finish the quilting but she shared it with us.
DD B before the birth of grson A, who is now over a year old, and the quilt we designed together to celebrate BYU sports! LOL
I helped B but she did most of the work herself and as you can see she is very proud. I feel badly that these pics ended up hiding for so long LOL
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Dena said...

You may have been delayed in posting the pictures, but I've still enjoyed looking at them. Thanks!

B+B said...

I love the first quilt. It is very patriotic! I was surprised when I saw a picture of me. I kind of forgot about that picture! LOL!