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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Scottish Celtic Solstice day 2

Too tired to upload my finish last night so here it is as of Sunday Dec 1, 2013
I ended up printing some extra fabrics since I think I had discarded a fabric or two because the lines just weren't very visible...not because the fabric was too dark all over but because the backside had too much of the colors showing.  Lesson learned look for backs that are less busy!  LOL
I have about 36 more to finish up with clue #1. 
I tried a few on my treadle but I am not experienced enough to control how the pieces feed when I have to stop add the next pieces and then start again.  I think maybe the belt has stretched again and Mr Creative will need to shorten it once more. 
I am hoping to get the last bunch done today because I may be called to babysit my grand daughter since my DIL has a newly broken bone in her foot and maybe hand too...sigh it must be very hard to be about 6  1/2 mo pregnant and dealing with a toddler and a broken foot.  Luckily she's had her DD C there to give her a hand this weekend but she will need to go back to school on Monday.
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