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Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Back!

Been so neglectful of my blog for months and months but because I need to do a link to a blog for Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery I am repenting for now!  LOL
It's just too easy to post pics and comments on Facebook these days but I do miss my blogging world so I will really try to do a little of both now.

Thanksgiving was Thurs and we had D's family at our home for dinner.  I is ready to bite into the turkey!  LOL  D says we should make it a tradition to do the outside Christmas lights on Thanksgiving day so I told them GO FOR IT!  As you can see the Moravian star is up and the simple tube lights are around the house.  Now I need to get the timer set correctly.
We ended the day with a game that big A taught the kids and it's nice that I can play the games  with everyone since he is now 6. 
A wonderful family day

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