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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Scottish Celtic Solstice Clue 4

With Christmas less than a week away Bonnie was kind with this clue.  Four-patches!
To do mine I didn't use Inklingo but just cut strips sew them into pairs then used my June Taylor Shape Cut to cut the strips into segments of 2 inches which I joined into pairs and then I had four patches.

So in the Art Bin Satchel you see all the clues so far

 While I was stitching away outside we were getting snowfall.  The birds were busy at the feeders  mostly Finches although I get Buntings, Chickadee and Gross Beak on and off. 
Stay warm birds!

1 comment:

Vireya said...

It was nice to have a simple clue this week, wasn't it?

I love your snow pictures! How do birds survive winter without feeders? It seems like there would just be nothing at all for them to eat in the snow.