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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Sisters and the Kitchen

The gardens are doing very nicely this year despite the lack of rain we keep them watered with the secondary irrigation water system from the city.  It has been a blessing to be able to use the untreated water on the gardens and lawns saving the treated water for household use.
We planted a "three sisters" plot which mimics what the Native Americans did back many years ago.  You plant corn, pole beans and squash together to use the strengths of each to help all...the corn provides something for the beans to climb, the beans add nitrogen to the soil and the squash acts as a natural mulch to keep down the weeds for the others.  If you click the picture you can see that the corn is tasseling (popcorn for us) and the beans are starting to climb the cornstalks and the squash (a mixture of spaghetti and mini pumpkins) are doing well in the mulch department.  So far a big success! 
I had to show off my new burner covers...when I saw the chickens I just had to add them to my growing stash of covers  LOL  and then Mr Creative thinned the beets and this is the greens and mostly baby beets that we will have for supper tonight.  He loves greens and I can eat them so it will be a nice addition to the grilled chicken tonight!

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