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Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden Report and a Little Weather

 It is mid-summer now and things are going quite nicely in the backyard veggie garden.  Above you can see the corn tasseling and some ears forming.  We need to keep our eyes out for earwigs and grasshoppers who love to eat the corn silk while it is young and tender.
Below you see the second planting of lettuce, spinach and I think mustard greens.  Told Mr Creative that the lettuce is ready so I need to start eating large salads at my meals!  LOL  He has been using newspaper to mulch the gardens, cheap and eco friendly too.
Saturday afternoon we were in the south part of Provo eating lunch at a Texas style BBQ place, Tommys BBQ, which was very tasty indeed, when I saw the grey rain clouds hanging on the mountains out the window.  Considering it has been so dry here the rain was very welcome even though it kind of spoiled Saturday at the Payson City Scottish Festival.  I just loved the look of those heavy clouds and the mountain peaks together.

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