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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Trees and Grilled Cheese

OK, so when you eat low carb and or gluten free anything that would normally require bread us usually not allowed, right?
Well one of my online friends Jennifer Eloff has come up with recipes to make subs for usually forbidden foods. I make her Low Carb-Gluten Free Artisan Buns which are not only healthy for me but tastes incredible! So now it's time to see what I can make with them and first up was grilled cheese! As you see it worked very well.
They aren't low fat by any means but I just love the crunch of the outside and melt-y cheese on the inside. YUMMO as Rachel Ray would say!

OK the tree is all decorated with as many weeds as I am going to gather. They have been getting damp from the inversion fog each day and it is hard to snap the stems without a pair of scissors or pruners and I am not taking them on my walk where the weeds grow
I like my simple tree this year but I have to admit I miss all the flashing, talking and colorful ornaments we have collected over the years. Next year I have a plan so hope I can work it out so that I get the best of both worlds.
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Penny from S.C. said...

Ok, now where can we get the recipe for the buns? Look great!