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Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Are They?

OK, I guess my children have been influenced by their "nurture" because they are always asking me for some help to make real their creations from their mind. Youngest DS Big A bought himself some fleece mittens that had a flap to reveal his fingers. I am sure everyone has seen this type of thing everywhere.
He comes to me with this idea he got from an Anime show How about making them into puppets! LOL
Son: Mom to you have any black fleece?
Me: Sure, somewhere in the sewing room
Son: Where? LOL
Anyway as you can see he found it and started creating. Using some cotton and fleece pieces and fusible Heat and Bond and a whole bunch of hand sewing Here they are. He also had me make him some pinkie covers to make the other hands of the puppets.
All in a day's work

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B+B said...

LOL that is very creative! Sometimes I am just surprised at what A comes up with. Great work! Those are fun