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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Enough to Eat

Most of you know I am diabetic and have been for years now. This is the reason I am a Low Carb eater...it helps keep me healthy with very little or no meds.
But just like anyone else I love baked goods And for some reason in the fall my mind turns to all kinds of baked goodies and this year I have been lucky to find a Low Carb baker and recipe creator who has a blog with many amazing recipes for baked goods. Jenifer Eloff is her name and you can link to her blog by clicking on her name.
If you didn't know better I bet you would think these are all regular Pumpkin Muffin Mini Loaves, right? Nope low carb and gluten free as well!

It is pretty expensive to bake low carb and gluten free but I think this shows it is worth it. I might just send a little loaf or two out to my Dad and see if he can tell they are low carb! LOL
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B+B said...

Those look YUMMY!