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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harry Potter blocks update

I probably should have waited until tomorrow but I decided to go ahead and share my most recent two blocks.
Here are the 8 blocks all in a row. Youngest DS big A said the thought I had a hodge-podge of fabric on these blocks but I told him that is exactly the look I was going for! LOL Good thing this week's block was a simple one as I needed to catch up from last week.
This is last week's block...I had fun with the book beside the timeturner. DS mentioned it was hard to see the timeturner and I agree with him. I plan to do some stitching around the glass and sand to make it stand out a bit more when I start putting the blocks into a quilt.
This week's block...can you see where I made a change between the picture of all the blocks together and this one?
I made a boo-boo and fixed it before I forgot! LOL
I have also started a new feathered star block but haven't had much time to stitch on it lately. So nice to be able to see the stitching lines with the new red fabric!
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