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Saturday, November 27, 2010

This and That from Thanksgiving

This had to be the funniest cartoon I have seen in a long time. The little boy, Hammie, reminds me so much of my little 2 1/2 yr old grson A. I had to share.
When I was a girl my Mother would make pies, and not just on Thanksgiving like her daughter, LOL. When she was done with the pie dough there was always a bit left over and she would first make for us, and then later we (my sisters and I) would make these little cinnamon and sugar pies. I ended up having some dough left over and I made as a tribute to those days, a little turnover type pie.
I also tried something new this year. I have to admit I am not a fan of cranberry sauce. I like juice and drinks flavored with cranberry and also dried cranberries and also cranberry mustard made by Hickory Farms... but for sauce...eggghhh, not so much.
The one way I DO like it sort of is fresh made. Just cranberries, sugar and water but being a diabetic I really only eat a tiny bit and that is enough. This year I decided to use dehydrated apples for Mr Creative's apple pie and ended up with way too many for one pie. I had set them aside telling him to use them over some ice cream one day. I had just finished the fresh cranberry sauce and noticed those leftover apples and volia a new idea was formed.
It is very delicious and not any harder than just stirring the apples into the cranberries! I wonder if this is how the Pillsbury Bake Off winner starts out!? LOL
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