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Saturday, November 20, 2010

OOOHHH Something for Christmas?

Trying to keep up with my goals for the month of Nov. instead of watching TV I used the BYU vs New Mexico game on the radio to work on this project. I didn't want to show too much as there is gifting involved LOL
I really love it when I can pull out the Christmas fabric bin and find exactly what I am looking for inside. I did purchase the cute candy cane stripe to go with the project but everything else is out of the stash/scraps.
I will have to wait to show the completed project until after I give it away but I thought I would show that I am doing something besides watching reality shows and eating bon-bons ( my bonus grson didn't even know what the heck a bon-bon is!) Just in case you are clueless about bon-bons here is a picture of some yummy looking ones!

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Denise said...

Is that what Bonbons look like? Good to know what people think I eat all day long, LOL, J/K. Your fabric looks really cool. Can't wait to see what the finished project looks like.