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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pioneer Day and A Quilt Show

July 24 in Utah is a state holiday to remember the first Mormon Pioneers who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and thus began the settlement of Utah. Families often get together in their backyards to cookout and remember their own ansestors be they pioneers or not.
I was just back from my trip to NC and it was the first time I visited with family.
photos top
left: Grkids showing their Build A Bear pets and their new NC State tee-shirts I brought them right: Me and grd C showing off our "pioneer desert of apple crisp we baked in the dutch oven
left: Gson B gets his apple crisp from C right" the kids and I shucking corn in the shade

I thought I might share a few pictures from the quilt show at the Springville Museum of Art. This is an annual show and considered one of the "best" to exhibit your quilts in.
These are just a few that caught my eye for various reasons.

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Karen's Fun Blog said...

The white quilt is my favorite, it is absolutely stunning!!