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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Few More from the Quilt Show

This small quilt was such a happy fun quilt. The maker must have had a whole lot of fun as she designed and created the people for the borders. I love the bright colors and the quilting was wonderful to say the least. I wish I had the imagination to have created this one!

This quilt really spoke to me! It is to honor the maker's dd who had been a long-time gymnast and I just connected to the story! It could have been my story as the Mom of a dd who was involved in the gymnastics world for 13 years but at the age of 17 decided she was ready to "move on". One special touch that is hard to see from this picture is that she has used her DD's medals in the center of the blocks that surround the center. So creative and it is well done as you can see from the ribbon hanging next to it!
AS my DD used to say at the end of a great "trick" TA-DAH!
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B+B said...

WOW what a fun idea. At first I thought it was for me. Just Kidding! That is a very fun quilt.