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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sad Passing of a Friend

If someone were to ask my family what they will remember about me when I die...it will be that I was always making them pose for pictures. I usually have my camera in my purse or at least near at hand ready for a perfect shot LOL
On Saturday I was shopping and needed to use the bathroom...when you gotta go, you gotta go...and since I hate to set my purse on the floor of a public bathroom I had to set it in the sink since there was NO hook on the back of the door. Sad to say that the stupid sink had one of those automatic faucets...you know the kind that you pass your hand under and it sprays the water?
Well the water just poured into my open purse and right there was my little HP camera...sigh...
I dried it off as best I could and then when I got home tried to start the camera and the lens wouldn't come out and the screen told me I had an error.
OK I thought maybe I can gently pry the lens to get it to come out and get dry...well I guess I wasn't so gentle after all and the cover popped off along with a few various bits and pieces and now when I try to start it nothing happens.
So for now I won't be able to post any pictures for about a week.
However...QVC to the rescue!
Today's Special Value is a little Olympus point and shoot digital camera with 12 mp and a 5X zoom. I have never had an Olympus but the price is right and even though I like a stronger optical zoom I am excited to try this one out.
I will see if I can still download the pics on the HP's memory card to my computer, as I was waiting until we got either a external hard drive or a new computer because ours is "dying" LOL
OH, Yeah and my dryer is not working so well right now...it takes at least 3 cycles to dry a load of clothes at an hour each...sheesh when It rains It Pours!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I couldn't help but say OH NO when I read where this was going. My iphone had a similar mishap. I have no control over the home button but I am trying to live with it rather than replace at this point. So frustrating!

B+B said...

OH NO MOMMA! I am so sorry. I can't find my camera right now! I hope that you enjoy your new camera when you get it.

little sis said...

One of the sad parts of our new electronic generation! They don't do well when mixed with water! Good luck with your new phone (and computer and dryer)! :-)

Dena said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Hopefully your new 'friend' will fill the void. lol