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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stocking Dilemma

Oh, my!
Yep it's true...since the last time we hung stockings here we have had three new granddaughters join the family and they need some Nana made stockings!  So, what am I to do but...
I have always been a good Girl Scout at heart and live the motto
"be prepared" 
 and that is my excuse for the lovely fabric I have stashed away over the years.  Sitting high on my shelves was a set of fat quarters...quilter's talk for pieces measuring 18x20 inches...that have been pulled down over the years but never seemed to be right for the project at hand.
Oh, so pretty and very girly in nature.  I think I bought them maybe 4-5 years ago at a wonderful sale.
Good thing I also had some time to sew and that's what I did!

What a mess when I was done!  
The other thing that was stashed were laces and trims from as far back as when my daughter was younger and many that I had bought through the years since then.  I was able to gussy them up so that they finished up like this
Such pretty stockings for two of my granddaughters.  The other one lives in Arizona for now and since she won't be here this Christmas it gives me a bit more time.  
Wish we had a mantel here but displaying 11 stockings might have even overwhelmed the longest mantel!  

Oh yeah and I was able to do some Leader/Ender blocks for a challenge too!

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