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Friday, September 7, 2012

Can You Make Pickles....

...with zucchini?

So, if you have a whole bunch of zucchini...and if you planted zucchini you will...like me can you make pickles?  It turns out that YES YOU CAN!
You make them pretty much like you make them with cucumbers.  Unless you harvest them very small (one inch in diameter) then you make them  into "chips".
I found a few recipes that specified zucchini but they were pretty much the same as any other recipe so I felt pretty good about making them.
Here they are after soaking and in the seasoned brine.   
TA-DA!  dill zucchini pickles!  I only did 4 pints as with just 3 of us in the house it seemed that would be good for now.
Before I made the dill I also made a recipe that my mother used to make and I remembered it fondly...Chop Suey Pickles
I also had to experiment with using Stevia/Truvia to replace the sugar as well but in the end they taste wonderfully similar to the original recipe.
Next up...dill relish!  Why not?  LOL

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