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Monday, June 21, 2010

Scottish Festival Utah 2010

Pictures l to R -(top) Our family ready to march in the parade of clans, sons A and D present our clan banner and announce that we are "here", (bottom) sons D and A wait our turn out of the rain, grson I and his Daddy D at the parade

Once again it's Scottish Festival time in Utah and this year fell on a more early spring like weekend than almost summer...sigh...
But the Festival must go on! LOL
Friday was mostly a bust as far as weather was concerned, lots of rain, wind and cool weather made it hard to even get the shelters up much less have things ready for the public by 5 pm. We had to find some large tent spikes to keep things from blowing over and cover the display with rain ponchos to keep them semi dry! LOL

We didn't get a family picture until we were tearing down the shelter but here you see our family and a few friends as Honored Clan for 2010! The sun finally broke through and it cleared up but alas a bit too late! LOL
This is what the skies looked liked most of the time even a bit greyer most of the time!
Took this picture from my front porch when there was a little break with some sun shining through the clouds for a bit! LOL
One more year gone and now we are heading off to NC to the Grandfather Mt. Scottish Festival in a few weeks.
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B+B said...

Sorry it was so cold and rainy. Hopefully you will have better weather in NC. But here's hoping it isn't to hot for you all. Glad to see you had the family come even if it wasn't exactly they way you wanted it.