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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Down in St. George

While Mr Creative is attending continuing education meetings I am at our lovely timeshare relaxing and doing a bit of sewing!
We were hoping to have a chance to enjoy some warmer sunnier weather and as you can see it's not sunny and not warm here in Southern Utah.
If you have been watching the news all that rain and flooding in California has headed eastward and is visiting Utah.
Oh well, it could be worse. No flooding yet and it's nice weather for napping! LOL
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Lynn said...

Yep! Looks pretty dreary there for you. Been watching that weather system as it looks like parts of it and more will be making a visit to Mn. starting tomorrow...
Fun seeing those St. George pics even if the weather is crummy! Thanks for sharing them with us all!

Nedra said...

It HAS been pouring rain here! I have friends here for a retreat and I'm sad that they too are cooped up inside. Oh well, can't complain because we all are quilting away and eating yummy food.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm jealous. My sister lives in Toquerville so we get sort of a free mini vacation when ever I can get away.